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Cautam un Internal Auditor pentru o cunoscuta companie multinationala, cu activitate industriala, avand una dintre cele mai mari cifre de afaceri din Romania.

Pozitia este nou creata, noul Internal Auditor fiind subordonat direct Country Managerului. Jobul este in Bucuresti, insa necesita deplasari ocazionale la fabricile companiei din tara.

Salariul este de 2,500€ net/ luna, la care se adauga diverse beneficii specifice companiilor multinationale.

Candidatii trebuie sa aiba experienta relevanta in domeniul auditului general (nu doar financiar) in domeniul industrial si sa vorbeasca bine limba engleza.

Purpose of the position:

  • The Internal auditor works within the company’s management and compliance team to monitor and evaluate how internal processes are working, how well risks are being managed and how effective the operations are being governed.
  • He/she also provide a consulting service, advising management on how to formalize, improve systems and processes.
  • The scope and nature of audits can vary significantly and will not just include financial auditing issues
  • The Internal auditor monitors factors such as reputation, growth, environmental impact, treatment of employees and ethics and develops proposals for improvements and readjusting the internal governance system including processes and structures.
  • The Auditor helps management to efficiently and effectively improve and develop the business operations along the core values and the strategy of the company.
  • Together with the top management, the Auditor develops clear procedures to comply at all times with legal and financial/tax requirements and will audit the compliance with this regulations


  • Formalization and improvement of governance systems and processes.
  • Development of annual internal audit plan based on risk management and control management over operation’s effectiveness and compliance with all applicable internal procedures and regulations in collaboration with the Groups Compliance Team and Audit Team.
  • Performing audit cycles, including risk management and control management over operation’s effectiveness and compliance with all applicable internal procedures and regulations;
  • Assessing the compliance with rules and regulations and keeping management informed on the addressed issues;
  • Act as an objective source of independent advice to ensure validity, legality and goal achievement according to the companies compliance system.
  • Prepare and present reports that reflect the audit’s results and document processes and progress;
  • Identifying of loopholes and recommending risk aversion measures;
  • Attending meetings with all company’s departments, in order to develop an understanding of business processes;
  • Travelling to all company locations to meet relevant staff and obtain documents and information;
  • Providing ad hoc advice and guidance to managers and staff at all levels, sometimes by delivering courses and training sessions;
  • Performing risk assessments on key business activities and using this information to guide what to cover in audits;
  • Anticipating emerging issues through research and interviews and deciding how to deal with them;
  • Drafting recommendations with relevant staff members as a basis fot decisions by management to make improvements to operations and/or internal procedures;
  • Preparing reports to highlight issues and problems and distributing the reports to the management;


  • University degree in economics / engineering/ law/ natural sciences;
  • Prior experience in a similar position for a production company is a must;
  • Experience in drafting procedures is required;


  • Analytical skills;
  • Very good communication, planning and organizing skills;
  • Problem solving and positive attitude;
  • Integrity, high ethical standards, accuracy and thoroughness;
  • Pro-active, quality driven personality;
  • Result and customer oriented attitude;
  • English.

Data actualizarii: 21/02/2018

  • Octav :

    Interesanta fotografia, George.
    Unde e facuta?

  • Gigi Hriscu :

    Mai nou, am auzit de ”Audit GRC” , dar acesta ar putea fi comandat numai de Consiliile de Administrație (nepolitice)

  • Gigi Hriscu :

    Auditor intern nu este ”one man show”. ci trebuie precizat de care audit este necesar:
    – calitate
    – securitate
    – financiar
    aș mai putea adăuga ”pour les connaisseurs”, audit de management.

    ”Auditul industrial” l-aș numi ”paratrăsnet” pentru o conducere ….

    • Luminita Grecu :

      Exista oameni care au competente integrate pe compliance, calitate, mediu, securitate in munca si financiar.

    • Anonim :

      Din descrierea postului rezulta ca se aplica pentru calitate, mediu si sso. Dar nu este doar auditor intern ci este un post de RSMI (responsabil sistem de management integrat). Poti fi auditor pe 3 sau mai multe sisteme de management si RSMI pentru 3 sau mai multe sisteme de management problema este marimea organizatiei si complexitatea proceselor. Un audit poate fi cu 3 auditori 1 zi sau un auditor 3 zile